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UK govt urged to improve Brexit deal to prevent jobs leaving for EU

The UK government has been urged to take action on areas as diverse as food and aerospace to prevent jobs and factories being forced to leave the UK for the EU.

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What needs to be done to ensure WTO reform is successful?

The new director-general of the WTO has a big task ahead to pursue much-needed reforms to the body. So what's needed to make this a success?

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India relaxes customs rules for medical device imports

Customs processes for a range of medical device imports have been temporarily streamlined by the Indian government to help get supplies to patients quicker.

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European Parliament formally ratifies Brexit deal

The post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and EU has been formally ratified by lawmakers in Brussels.

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Global trade reforms 'must not target China', warns WTO chief

Proposed reforms to global trade will fail if China believes new measures are designed specifically to target its interests, the head of the WTO has said.

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Is the UK-Aus FTA close to completion?

Trade negotiators for the UK and Australia have expressed confidence a deal on an FTA can be reached in the next couple of months.

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WTO settles Canada-Australia wine dispute

An agreement has been reached between Canada and Australia to remove barriers to trade on wine imports following a decision by the WTO.

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Turkey files WTO complaint against Saudi boycott

Turkey has taken its trade dispute with Saudi Arabia to the WTO by filing a formal complaint with the organization, it has been reported.

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The barriers blocking China's entry to CPTPP

What are the issues that could hinder China's potential entry into the CPTPP agreement?

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RCEP 'to boost the role' of Asia-Pacific nations

Business leaders in Asia-Pacific countries have spoken of how the RCEP deal should help boost the power of the region on a global scale.