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WTO sets up review panel on Indian ICT tariffs

A complaint about India's tech tariffs has prompted the World Trade Organization to respond.

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Canada and US go tit-for-tat over aluminum

Canada has said it will retaliate after the US put new tariffs on its metal products.

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Thailand halts LPG imports for remainder of 2020

Thailand has taken action to reduce a surplus of liquefied petroleum gas building up during the pandemic.

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Japan and UK 'close to a free trade deal'

The end of August could mark a turning point for British and Japanese relations.

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Algeria wants trade deal with EU reassessed

Algeria is unhappy with the terms of an association agreement with the EU.

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Should customs duties apply to digitally delivered products?

A moratorium currently bans customs duties on electronic goods, but could this be set to change soon?

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Africa's FTA stalls due to pandemic - so what next for new bloc?

Hopes that the AfCFTA would be up and running by this month were dashed by coronavirus.

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Mexico keen to lure manufacturers away from Asia

Mexico wants to paint itself as a key destination for manufacturing, its economy minister has said.

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Huawei ban: Is UK-Chinese trade heading for the deep freeze?

After the UK banned Huawei from its 5G networks, will trade between Britain and China nosedive?

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Turkey and UK 'very close' to a trade deal - so what will this mean?

It has been reported that the next trade deal with Britain could come from Turkey.