Imports and Exports | 20 November 2017

Japan sees further export growth in October 2017

Japan has seen further steady growth in exports during October, thanks to strong demand for key products such as cars and electronics.

Legislation | 17 November 2017

TPP nations agree new framework to revive deal

The 11 remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership have agreed terms that will allow them to move ahead with the deal without the involvement of the US.

Imports and Exports | 14 November 2017

Trade 'to bolster global economic recovery in 2018'

Improving trade conditions will help to drive the recovery of the global economy in 2018, according to a new report.

Imports and Exports | 13 November 2017

German trade surplus widens in September as imports and exports fall

Germany's trade surplus widened during September as imports fell at a faster pace than exports.

Legislation | 9 November 2017

US and India hold talks over future of trade relationship

US and Indian government representatives have met to discuss future ways in which the countries' trade relationship can be revised and updated.

Imports and Exports | 8 November 2017

China's import and export growth slows in October

China's international trade performance saw its momentum slow in October, in line with a broader cooling of economic conditions.

Legislation | 3 November 2017

NAFTA renegotiations 'will fail if US maintains hardline stance'

Canadian foreign ministry official Martin Moen has said it is hard to see a way forward for NAFTA if the US maintains its hardline proposals.

Legislation | 3 November 2017

A guide to China's new Export Control Law

China has released a draft version of a new export control law that promises to usher in some of the more significant changes to Chinese trade regulations to date.

Origin Calculation | 2 November 2017

Germany and UK 'would benefit most from an EU-India trade deal'

Germany and the UK would be the greatest beneficiaries of a trade deal between the EU and India, according to analysts.

Imports and Exports | 31 October 2017

WTO upgrades trade growth forecasts after significant 2017 rebound

The World Trade Organization has upgraded its trade growth forecasts after a significant rebound was seen during the first half of the year.