Imports and Exports | 11 July 2018

China issues plans to expand imports

China wants to build better relationships around the world in order to foster international trade.

Imports and Exports | 11 July 2018

EU set to seek car tariff reduction agreement with US

A deal that would see a cut to import tariffs may soon be coming into effect, if new reports are to be believed.

Imports and Exports | 10 July 2018

US retail imports expected to hit record high

The US is bringing more retail goods into its ports, suggesting a strong summer for the sector.

Imports and Exports | 4 July 2018

China lifts ban on British beef imports

British beef products will no longer be off the menu in China, thanks to a new agreement.

Industry News | 4 July 2018

UK trade deficit is narrowing, figures show

The trade deficit in the UK decreased during the past year, new figures have shown.

Industry News | 3 July 2018

Trump criticises WTO at meeting with Dutch PM

Donald Trump has said the World Trade Organization has not been treating America well, furthering suggestions the nation may withdraw.

Origin Calculation | 2 July 2018

RCEP nations aim to close free trade deal before end of 2018

The nations involved in the RCEP negotiations have made a joint commitment to aim for a final deal by the end of the year.

Origin Calculation | 29 June 2018

Global report highlights ongoing progress on trade facilitation, despite challenges

Efforts to improve trade facilitation standards worldwide continue to make progress, according to a new report from the OECD.

Imports and Exports | 27 June 2018

UK reassures China of commitment to free trade

British chancellor Philip Hammond has outlined the UK's ongoing commitment to free trade ahead of an upcoming visit to China.

Imports and Exports | 25 June 2018

Impact of excess capacity on global trade is overblown, study shows

A new report has suggested that the current focus of tackling excess capacity as a means of addressing problems with the global trade system may be based on flawed logic.