Legislation | 27 April 2018

Leaders of China and India to discuss free trade during meeting

The leaders of China and India are holding an informal summit in Wuhan this week, with free trade one of the main items on the agenda.

Imports and Exports | 26 April 2018

International survey reveals demand for new approach to globalization and free trade

A new report from Bertelsmann Stiftung has revealed a growing demand for a new approach to globalization and free trade that offers greater protection from their more damaging aspects.

Legislation | 26 April 2018

RCEP negotiations 'making encouraging progress'

The next round of negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership are taking place this week, with solid progress towards a final deal expected.

Legislation | 25 April 2018

EU and Australian leaders voice support for new free trade agreement

Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has been discussing the prospect of a new EU-Australian trade agreement with several European leaders.

Imports and Exports | 25 April 2018

The US-China trade conflict: what has happened, and what could happen next?

Businesses around the world will be keeping close tabs on the ongoing trade dispute between the US and China, as the escalation or resolution of the conflict could have a profound global impact.

Imports and Exports | 24 April 2018

WTO: future global trade growth depends on policy choices

The WTO has predicted strong global merchandise trade growth in 2018 and 2019 - but only if the world's governments embrace policies that facilitate this growth.

Legislation | 24 April 2018

EU and Mexico finalize new free trade agreement

A new trade agreement has been reached between the EU and Mexico that will abolish tariffs on the majority of goods traded between the two regions.

Brexit | 23 April 2018

UK government holds firm amid calls to stay in EU customs union

The British government is rejecting calls for the UK to remain in the EU customs union, despite suffering a defeat over the issue in the House of Lords.

Imports and Exports | 12 April 2018

IMF chief: multilateral trade system 'in danger of being torn apart'

IMF managing director Christine Lagarde has warned of the existential threat the current wave of protectionism is posing to the global trade system.

Imports and Exports | 9 April 2018

German exports fall unexpectedly in February 2018

Germany experienced an unexpected drop in exports in February, suggesting that the country's recent economic upswing may have passed its peak.