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US imports 'to remain down' for remainder of 2023

Imports to the US are set to remain significantly lower than last year as economic uncertainty continues to bite, according to a new report.

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Germany sees sharp exports fall as demand drops

New figures have revealed Germany's exports to its major trade partners suffered a sharp decline in March.

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UK introduces new valuation service for importers

The UK's HMRC has introduced a new tool to help provide certainty to importers when it comes to correctly valuing their goods.

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EU 'close to deal' on Ukrainian import ban dispute

The EU is close to resolving a dispute with five of its members over unilateral bans on imports of Ukrainian agricultural products.

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What could an India-Russia FTA mean for world trade?

Talks on an FTA between Russia and India are said to be at an advanced stage, so what could this mean for both bilateral and wider trade relations?

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WTO forecasts trade downturn in 2023 - what are the key drivers?

A new WTO report forecasts a 1.7 percent increase in global trade volumes this year, down from 2.7 percent in 2022.

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US hits Seagate with record fine for export controls breach

Seagate has been fined $300 million by the US government for breaching export controls on shipments to China.

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WTO panel rules against India on tech tariffs

The WTO has ruled in favor of the EU in a complaint regarding tariffs on technology imports imposed by India.

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UK joins CPTPP: Short and long term implications

What will the implications be of the UK joining the CPTPP trade pact, both in terms of direct trade impact and the longer-term future of the bloc?

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Indonesia proposes 'limited' mineral FTA with US

Indonesia is keen to agree a limited trade deal with the US focusing on minerals in order to boost its companies in the electric vehicle battery supply chain.