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US unlikely to offer India exemption from metals tariffs

Indian efforts to secure an exemption from US metal tariffs ahead of a visit to Washington by prime minister Narendra Modi are unlikely to succeed, sources have said.

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The Atlantic Declaration: What will it mean for UK-US trade?

How could a new economic deal signed between the UK and US impact transatlantic trade?

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New scheme set to help UK businesses reclaim tariffs on NI trade

The UK government has announced a new scheme to reimburse traders for tariffs on shipments to NI will start from the end of June.

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China criticizes 'unfair' EU trade policy at WTO meeting

A WTO forum to discuss EU trade policy has opened with China's representative criticizing several aspects of the bloc's rules.

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New Irish labeling rules set up EU, WTO clashes

Ireland's plans to introduce new labeling requirements on alcohol have caused friction with key trading partners in the EU and elsewhere.

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China slams Japan over new semiconductor export controls

The Chinese government has criticized moves by Japan to restrict exports of critical semiconductors to the country.

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Is a greater focus on diversification benefiting world trade?

Efforts to diversify world trade have been a key area of focus for world leaders at the recent G7 summit. How are such initiatives likely to affect world trade?

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How could Hong Kong's accession to RCEP affect regional trade?

A new survey has highlighted the potential benefits to Asian companies of Hong Kong joining the RCEP, with Japanese businesses particularly keen to expand operations in the territory.

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Carmaker urges renegotiation of post-Brexit rules of origin requirements

Auto manufacturer Stellantis has warned it may be forced to move operations away from the UK unless changes are made to the post-Brexit trade agreement with the EU.

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UK FTAs with Australia and NZ come into force - who are the winners?

Who is set to benefit most from new FTAs between the UK and Australia and New Zealand that come into force at the end of this month?