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UK and South Korea extend low and zero-tariff deal

A two-year extension has been agreed between the UK and South Korea on a deal that allows British exports containing EU parts to enjoy low and zero-rated tariffs.

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EU proposes joint deal with US on Chinese metal tariffs

The European Commission has put forth a new proposal that would see the EU and US work together on unified steel and aluminum tariffs.

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WTO downgrades forecasts for global trade growth

A new WTO report has warned that global trade growth will be lower than expected this year.

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Solar industry urges EU to avoid tariffs on PV products

European solar panel makers have urged governments in Berlin and Brussels not to add new tariffs to imports of Chinese PV equipment

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South Korea confirms FTA with the Philippines - who will be the key beneficiaries?

The leaders of South Korea and the Philippines have signed a new bilateral free trade agreement.

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UK highlights 'world first' fully digitalized trade shipment

UK ministers have hailed a landmark fully digitalized shipment to Singapore as an example of the future of international trade.

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What impact could potential higher EU tariffs on Chinese cars have?

Why is the EC considering extra tariffs on Chinese EV imports and what impact could this have on the market?

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New rules of origin changes 'to cost EU carmakers €4.3bn'

An industry group representing European carmakers has warned new rules of origin for EV imports will cost the sector over €4 billion.

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Ukraine turns to WTO over grain import dispute

Ukraine has turned to the WTO to help resolve a dispute over grain imports with three EU countries.

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2023 World Trade Report emphasizes importance of globalization

The WTO has highlighted the importance of the global supply chain in its latest annual report.