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WTO urges G20 nations to boost trade cooperation

The director-general of the WTO has warned of the dangers to the global economy if nations fragment into competing trade blocs.

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Rishi Sunak rules out 'Swiss-style' EU-UK trade deal

Claims that UK government officials are planning for a Swiss-style deal with the EU have been rejected by prime minister Rishi Sunak.

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UK-Aus trade deal slammed by former minister

A former UK cabinet minister has criticized the country's FTA with Australia, saying Westminster gave away too many concessions to importers.

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US green energy incentives 'break WTO rules', EU claims

The EU has highlighted several provisions of the US Inflation Reduction Act that it claims breach WTO rules.

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UK report reveals public attitude to international trade

Research from the UK government reveals human rights and food standards are the main concerns of the British public when it comes to negotiating FTAs.

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US spirits industry calls for removal of retaliatory tariffs

A US trade group has called on the country's government to ensure retaliatory tariffs on spirits exports imposed by the EU and UK are permanently removed.

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Fears grow of EU-US trade war over electric vehicle subsidies

Proposed subsidies in the US for domestically-made electric vehicles could lead to a trade war with the EU, it has been stated.

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India set to open FTA talks with GCC in November

Talks on an FTA between India and the six-nation GCC are set to get underway in November, it has been reported.

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Will the UK's shift to Asia for trade pay off with CPTPP membership?

How could the UK's application to join CPTPP benefit the country's trade and the wider bloc?

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EU highlights €1tn benefit of FTAs

A new report has revealed that exports from the EU to its FTA partners surpassed €1 trillion in 2021.