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Australia and China reach deal over barley tariffs dispute

A long-running trade dispute between China and Australia may be closer to resolution after the countries agreed to a new deal on barley tariffs.

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Chinese chip imports fall following new US restrictions

Imports of semiconductor technology to China fell by 16 percent by value in 2022 as new export controls came into force in the US.

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What was the impact of US tariffs on China under President Trump?

A new report from the USITC has revealed the impact on US imports of Section 232 and Section 301 tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.

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EU and UK formally adopt Windsor Framework

The UK and EU have formally signed off on the Windsor Framework, allowing for the implementation of a new customs regime for goods crossing the Irish Sea.

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Sites named for new UK freeports in Wales

The locations of two new freeport areas in Wales have been unveiled by the UK government.

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Could new talks signal progress towards freer EU-US trade?

How could talks between the US and EU help resolve a dispute on EV subsidies and help counter the threats posed by China?

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Canada and UK 'make progress' on CPTPP dispute

Canada and the UK are said to have resolved a dispute over market access that was holding up the latter's application to join the CPTPP.

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The Windsor Framework: What will it mean for post-Brexit trade?

What provisions does the recently-announced Windsor Framework have to ease trade barriers between Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU?

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US spirits exports rebound after tariffs suspended

New figures reveal exports of US spirits climbed by 30 percent last year after the suspension of EU and UK tariffs.

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Netherlands follows US lead with Chinese chip export restrictions

The Netherlands is poised to bring in new export controls on advanced semiconductor technology, with shipments to China expected to be affected.