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IMF cuts growth forecast to lowest since financial crash

Lower figures for economic growth have been put forward in the IMF's latest report.

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WTO formally authorises Airbus tariffs

Tariffs on EU products do look set to go ahead after formal approval of a WTO ruling.

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EU to resume trade talks with Thailand

The EU has said it is open to resuming trade negotiations with Thailand following the end of military rule.

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Australia expected to ratify Hong Kong and Indonesian FTAs

New free trade deals between Australia, Indonesia and Hong Kong could be ratified as early as Christmas.

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UK govt publishes Brexit readiness report for businesses

The government is taking preparatory measures for a no-deal Brexit.

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Scotch whisky industry reacts angrily to incoming US tariffs

Scotch whisky will suddenly become more expensive to send to the US.

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HMRC assesses business cost of no-deal Brexit

More customs forms for businesses after Brexit could equate to greater costs, HMRC warns.

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Creative origin classification can circumvent tariffs - but be careful

A law expert has provided tips on reducing the impact of tariffs, but caution is always advised.

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Boris Johnson to deliver Brexit ultimatum

A keynote speech will see Boris Johnson lay down the law to EU Brexit negotiators.

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India bans export of onions 'with immediate effect'

No more onions can come out of India for the foreseeable future.