Imports and Exports | 19 August 2016

Japanese trade suffers worst performance since 2009 in July

Japan's imports and exports fell at their fastest pace since 2009 during July.

Industry News | 17 August 2016

UK and India 'to take steps towards deeper strategic partnership'

The UK and India are deepening their strategic partnership in order to forge stronger economic and trade links between the two countries.

Imports and Exports | 15 August 2016

India sees international trade slump in July

Indian imports and exports have both seen a sharp decline in July, with depressed global trading conditions impacting performance.

Industry News | 11 August 2016

Uruguay to expand trade relations with Colombia and Peru

Uruguay has been invited by Colombia and Peru to update and expand its commercial agreements with these nations.

Industry News | 10 August 2016

Norway 'may oppose UK's membership of European Free Trade Association'

Any future efforts by the UK to join the European Free Trade Association post-Brexit could be opposed by Norway, according to ministers from the country.

Imports and Exports | 8 August 2016

China's international trade performance falls by more than expected in July

China's export and import performance saw a bigger-than-expected decline in July, according to new data.

Industry News | 3 August 2016

Australia takes steps towards free trade agreement with Indonesia

Australia is taking a number of steps to strengthen its relationship with Indonesia, with the ultimate aim of forming a free trade agreement with the country.

Industry News | 2 August 2016

Afghanistan becomes newest World Trade Organization member

Afghanistan has become the 164th member of the World Trade Organization, bringing to an end nearly 12 years of negotiations.

Legislation | 1 August 2016

Mexico and Argentina 'laying groundwork for free trade agreement'

Mexico and Argentina are broadening the scope of an existing economic accord with the aim of laying the groundwork for a bilateral free trade agreement.

Industry News | 29 July 2016

A closer look at the US and China's dispute over raw material export duties

The US and China have become engaged in a dispute over Chinese export tariffs on key raw materials, with the World Trade Organization having now been called upon to intervene.