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Japan publishes disappointing trade data

Exports have fallen from Japan for the 12th consecutive month.

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Tariffs on exports and how FTAs can have an impact

Selling goods abroad is likely to attract tariffs, but how do you calculate them? Here, we'll take a look.

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WTO deadlock: What's next for trade - and disputes?

The December 10th deadline for new WTO judges has come and gone, leading to an outcome many had feared.

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Turkey and Thailand working on FTA - what will this mean for their future trade?

Thailand and Turkey want ink on a free trade deal as early as next year, but what's in it for them both?

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China softens tariffs on selected US imports

Could the Sino-US trade war be drawing to a close as China removes selected tariffs?

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USMCA another step closer after amendments are signed - what does this mean?

The US is almost ready to ratify the USMCA free trade deal, so what's next for the agreement?

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Brexit update: What's next after Britain's Conservative victory?

With Boris Johnson once again at the helm, Britain is steering towards a more rapid EU exit.

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EU customs checks 'being prepared for UK ports'

A news report suggests there will be EU border checks at British ports including Liverpool.

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CPTPP tracker shows Canada is affected by US-Sino trade wars

Despite Canada's membership to a major trade bloc, it is being stilted by the continuing trade war between the US and China.

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EU may ban imports of 'dirty' batteries

The EU is trying to make its battery industry greener, but this may come at the expense of some trade.