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Mercosur and its impact on Egypt - reaping the rewards?

Having a free trade agreement with the Mercosur nations seems to be working out well for Egypt, if new figures are anything to go by.

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China and the CPTPP: How could their joining affect world trade?

China's application to join the CPTPP has raised a number of questions over whether it will ultimately succeed.

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Brexit update: Is withdrawal creating more problems than it has solved?

Where Boris Johnson had hoped for progress, he is instead getting further delays.

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Will Cambodia and South Korea finally get a free trade deal done?

It has been claimed Cambodia and South Korea could have their FTA ready for next month.

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Costa Rica seeks WTO's help over dispute with Panama

Costa Rica wants to make a complaint against Panama over trade more formal.

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UAE to boost trade ties with Israel

The UAE has set a high bar for forthcoming trade partnerships between itself and Israel.

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China applies to join CPTPP

The CPTPP may have been created as a way of keeping China on reins, but the Asian nation now wants in.

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UK government delays post-Brexit checks

New border checks on certain products heading to Britain have been postponed until 2022.

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Free trade deal between US and Brazil 'may be unlikely'

A US-Brazil free trade agreement may not be on the cards any time soon.

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Uruguay rocks Mercosur boat in seeking Chinese trade deal

Uruguay has approached China about increasing the trade between the two countries, but its neighbors may not be happy.