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UK exporters given 12 months grace of rules of origin documents

British exporters to the EU will not have to submit rules of origin declarations for 12 months as part of a grace period agreed by the UK and Brussels.

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UK and EU agree Brexit trade deal

British and European negotiators have finalized a trade deal that is set to take effect from January 1st.

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US urges rethink on WTO chief

US trade representative Robert Lighthizer has reiterated the US' opposition to Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as the next head of the WTO, with just weeks left of the Trump administration.

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Swift resolution urged to UK-France border closure

Politicians in the UK and France are working to reopen the border across the English Channel to freight traffic as backlogs pile up in Kent.

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WTO confirms Australia complaint against China tariffs

Australia has officially filed a complaint at the WTO against new tariffs imposed by China on barley imports.

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Post-Brexit trade deals - what progress is the UK making on FTAs?

How has the UK been getting on when it comes to securing FTAs with its non-EU partners?

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How can the global chemicals trade help boost Covid-19 recoveries?

A new WEF report has highlighted some of the supply chain challenges facing the global chemicals sector.

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US and UK discuss 'mini' post-Brexit trade deal

US trade representative Robert Lighthizer has suggested the US is close to a 'mini trade deal' with the UK that could lead to the removal of some tariffs.

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Can trading relations between Australia and China be salvaged?

As Australia takes its complaints against China's trade policies to the WTO, what does the future hold for the two countries' relationship?

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Increased exports boost Eurozone trade surplus

Exports from the Eurozone have recovered much more quickly than imports to the bloc, new figures from Eurostat show.