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Canada and UK ratify free trade agreement

Canada and the UK have ratified an interim trade deal that ensures there are no new tariffs on goods traded between the two countries.

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Australia escalates China trade dispute to WTO panel

Australia has asked the WTO to convene a new panel to rule on an ongoing trade dispute with China.

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UK-EU trade collapse 'to last until summer'

Industry groups have warned the UK needs to greatly increase its number of customs agents in order to help support trade with the EU.

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New Zealand calls for end to tariffs on Covid medical supplies

New Zealand is urging members of the APEC bloc of countries to end tariffs on medical supplies related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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UK ports 'not ready' for new customs checks

UK port operators have warned of delays from July as any new customs inspection facilities are far from finished.

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US suspends tariffs on key UK imports

The US has agreed to suspend tariffs on a range of UK imports for four months in order to help negotiate an end to the long-running Airbus-Boeing trade dispute.

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German exports to UK drop by 30% post-Brexit

A new report has revealed German exports to the UK fell by almost a third in January 2021.

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US set to hit 18 countries with aluminum anti-dumping duties

A total of 18 countries around the world could be hit by new anti-dumping measures on aluminum imports to the US.

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Could Turkey-Egypt FTA be under threat?

Egypt wants out of a trade deal that it says is now more beneficial to Turkey.

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UK and India agree new trade partnership

An Enhanced Trade Partnership has been agreed between the UK and India.