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Germany exceeds expectations with export surge in August

Germany has seen a better-than-expected improvement in its international trade performance during August.

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US sees unexpected trade deficit increase in August

The US trade deficit unexpectedly widened in August, with imports growing at a faster pace than exports.

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US urges WTO to take action on trade disputes with EU and India

The US is calling for the World Trade Organization to move quickly to enforce the rulings of two recent enforcement disputes with the EU and India.

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The state of global trade: WTO and OECD predict further slowdowns

New reports from the World Trade Organization and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development have predicted that global trade performance is likely to maintain its recent sluggish performance.

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Chinese official warns against optimistic view of trade prospects

China's recent international trade slowdown is unlikely to be quickly remedied, according to a government representative.

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How are European businesses planning to increase trade with ASEAN?

European businesses are planning to expand their investment and operations in the ASEAN region, leading to growing support for new trade agreements between the EU and ASEAN.

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Business groups voice support for EU/Japan free trade agreement

Business groups have written to the leaders of the EU and Japan to voice their support for a free trade agreement between the two regions.

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Can future UK trade deals compensate for Brexit?

A new report has highlighted the need for careful choices and sensible decision-making when it comes to negotiating a new trade relationship between the UK and the European Union.

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Norway provides WTO donation to help developing nations build trade capacity

Norway has provided a donation of nearly CHF 3.5 million to help developing countries build their trade capacity.

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Canada​ ​and​ ​China​ ​move​ ​ahead​ ​with​ ​talks​ ​on​ ​potential​ ​FTA

China and Canada have embarked on exploratory talks for a potential free trade agreement, it has been confirmed.