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The company

As part of the MIC Group, LDV-Systema Software Gesellschaft m.b.H. serves companies from the transport and logistics sector as well as the import / export trade in Austria with its professional customs solution eZollOnline. The company has been offering competence and know-how in the customs software sector since 1987 and that with optimal support service.

LDV-Systemas customs solution eZollOnline for the Austrian authority system "e-Zoll" is suitable for companies of all sizes, individually adaptable and enables optimized work processes that help save time and money. The software is continuously adapted to current economic and legal requirements.

Both, the quality of the software solution and the services offered by LDV-Systema are also reflected in the customers. Some of them have been using LDV-Systemas' advantages for many years and maintain a close partnership.

Traffic-free customs clearance via the internet

Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic jams or spend an unnecessarily long time at border crossings. This is proven by our revolutionary customs clearance system eZollOnline. Our tried and tested customs software forms the basis for eZollOnline with which more than over 2 million customs declarations are processed across Austria.

The right partner

LDV-Systema has been in the forwarding business for over 30 years. We not only offer our customers excellent quality, but also extensive support, backed by specialist knowledge that has been accumulated over many years. Numerous well-known customers have been relying on us for years. You as well can benefit from our individual software solutions and save time and money.

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The LDV-Systema Team

Alfred Hiebl, DI
Managing Director

Jaime Lopez Ortega
Software Developer
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Christian Lettner
Team Leader and Sales
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Martin Hattinger
Software Developer
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Bernhard Brieger
Software Developer
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