DHF Customs Solution for Switzerland incl. e-dec


MIC TRAMPER was developed for the Swiss customs system "e-dec" for electronic processing of cargo. It offers a standard customs platform for the most varied processes, as well as EDI links for efficient and paperless handling of standard processes.

MIC TRAMPER is modular and can be easily integrated into any company's internal systems. In this way, specific processes such as import, export and transit, can be customized to a company's particular needs. This software is provided as an on-premise solution as well as a hosted solution. 

This gives you the green light for ...

  • Notice of assessment for customs and value-added tax charges
  • Multi-company- and multi-client-capability
  • Multiple languages (German, French, Italian)
  • Automatic determination of weight and value Interface links with a high degree of automation
  • e-dec import and e-dec export declarations
  • Correction and cancellation processes
  • Multi-currency and currency exchange functions
  • Automatic verification prior to shipment
  • Individual printing of documents by customs declarant /agent and processing status
  • Automatic data import from the NCTS process
  • Request AAR (notification prior to arrival)
  • Unloading note
  • Transit notice of departure
  • National transit procedure (InTV)
  • Extensive options for search and selection

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