German beauty company selects MIC as its provider for Customs & Global Trade Compliance Software Solutions

News | Export Controls | Central Classification | Customs Filing | Origin Calculation 6 July 2022

After the carve-out from its international parent company, the German beauty company chose MIC’s software solutions to further improve efficiencies across its customs operations.

As one of the world’s leading beauty companies it employs more than 6,000 people and operates in over 100 countries globally. The German beauty company is specialized in hair care, styling, and colorants, and provides a product portfolio which comprises iconic and well-known brands.

In the course of the carve-out from its parent company in 2020, the beauty company decided to continue with MIC and to migrate the Customs & Trade Compliance Software Solution to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment. Following MIC modules are covered through the SaaS migration:

  • MIC CCS | CTC for Germany: MIC‘s Central Classification System enables the company an increased automated determination of correct customs tariff classifications for products through intelligent algorithms. The classification module stores, classifies, and validates products according to national customs tariffs and receives regularly updated content for each country automatically via MIC’s Global Trade Content Service (GTCS).
  • MIC-CUST® | Import & Export for Germany: The customs filing module enables highly automated submission of customs import and export declarations in Germany and provides the possibility to automatically calculate related import duties and taxes.
  • MIC OCS | SCS & CALC incl. 5 EU Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): MIC's Origin Calculation System allows the German company the automated solicitation of supplier declarations by using an innovative supplier web portal. Furthermore, the module facilitates the management of free trade agreements (FTAs) through an automated calculation of the preferential origin of goods. This includes for instance a bundle of EU agreements, such as EUMX, EUCA which lead to potential duty savings.
  • MIC DPS: In addition, the German company decided for a software solution enabling automated denied party screening by screening against sanction lists considering “white lists” and internal “black lists”.

The project started in 2021 and the successful go-live of the MIC modules took place in February 2022. The SaaS migration of MIC’s software solutions allows the leading provider of beauty products to further increase compliance with the legal requirements and to improve their customs processes, leading to potential savings in time and money. We are looking very much forward to the continued partnership with the German beauty company!

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