MIC SAP Interfaces to integrate SAP ERP with the MIC GTM Software Suite

MIC SAP Interfaces is MIC’s product to integrate SAP with the MIC GTM software suite. This allows for collecting data from SAP and sending it to MIC to be used in foreign trade and logistics processes. It furthermore includes receiving response messages back at SAP and writing data back to SAP or triggering processes in SAP.

This includes interfaces from the SAP modules SD, MM and PP to MIC. That allows for sending data for import declarations, export declarations, data for origin calculation and export control as well as master data.

Using MIC SAP Interfaces gives you the advantage of not having to care about implementing MIC’s interfaces standard interfaces provided by the MIC GTM software suite, as this is taken over by MIC SAP Interfaces. MIC SAP Interfaces uses standard logic and vast possibilities for customizing to align with your processes as much as possible.

For which MIC modules are MIC SAP Interfaces available?

On a high level, MIC SAP Interfaces provides interfaces to the following MIC modules:

  • MIC ALL (Business Partners)
    • Sending address master information from SAP Vendor or SAP Customer data (R/3) – or SAP Business Partner data (S/4) to MIC
  • MIC CCS (Central Classification System - Parts Master)
    • Sending parts information from SAP parts master to MIC CCS
    • Receiving information on the tariff classifications back from MIC CCS (Tariff Classification Number)
    • Receiving information on the EC classification back from MIC CCS (EC Classification Number)
  • MIC ECM (Export Control Management)
    • Sending screening requests for business partners to MIC ECM
    • Sending screening requests for business transactions to MIC ECM
    • Receiving a response message with a screening result from MIC ECM and optionally setting blocks in SAP for either business partners or documents (“Belege”)
  • MIC-CUST® - Customs (Self) Filing 
    • Sending data for import customs declarations to MIC-CUST®
    • Sending data for export customs declarations to MIC-CUST®
    • Sending data on stock movements (stock additions, stock deductions) or transfer into Free Circulation Special Customs Regimes (e.g., from Bonded Warehouse, Inward Processing Relief). Including data on US FTZ Inventory Transactions
    • Sending data on Inventory Transaction (e.g., for US FTZ)
    • Receiving information on the status of a customs declaration (export) back from MIC-CUST®
  • MIC-CUST® - Export Monitor
    • Showing the status of MIC-CUST® export declarations in SAP
    • Printing the EAD (Export Accompanying Document) from within SAP
  • MIC OCS - Origin Calculation System
    • Sending Long Term Supplier Declaration/Solicitation Requests from SAP to MIC OCS
    • Sending Customer Declaration Requests from SAP to MIC OCS
    • Triggering MIC OCS calculation requests out of SAP
    • Sending price data to MIC CCS
    • Sending bill of material information from SAP to MIC OCS
    • Receiving and processing origin calculation results from MIC OCS in SAP

Depending on the scope of the project, each of the modules and interfaces can be used stand-alone.

What else to know about MIC SAP Interfaces?

MIC SAP Interfaces support various SAP versions

With MIC SAP Interfaces, MIC supports SAP R/3 as well as SAP S/4 HANA:

  • “R/3” - MIC SAP Interfaces requires at least SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 7 or higher.
  • S/4 - At the moment, MIC SAP Interfaces is released and certified for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition, release 2023.

MIC SAP Interfaces certifications

MIC SAP Interfaces is certified by SAP, this includes meeting the Cloud Operational Requirements for S/4 private cloud.

For more information, please see the SAP Certified Solutions Directory: https://www.sap.com/dmc/exp/2013_09_adpd/enEN/#/partners?id=p:e3e39038-2b44-4b00-b6ec-1cdd0ae3bb6a

MIC SAP Interfaces deployment options

MIC SAP Interfaces can be deployed on your SAP system by importing a Workbench Transport that MIC provides.

Furthermore, it is possible to deploy the MIC SAP Interfaces as an add-on, via AAK (Addon Assembly Kit).

MIC SAP Interfaces technology

MIC SAP Interfaces relies on the following core features of SAP:

  • SAP BAdi technology - for integrating MIC ABAP logic into the SAP standard process and triggering messages
  • The SAP Output Control (NAST) feature – for integrating MIC ABAP logic into the SAP standard process and triggering messages (MIC-CUST, MIC INTRA, MIC OCS only)
  • SAP BAPI technology - for modifying data in SAP documents and master data, based on response messages received from MIC
  • SAP Output Control – for triggering messages based on SAP documents
  • QRFC - to untie sending messages to MIC from the regular SAP processes, to avoid locks and wait times in SAP
  • WebServices (SOAP)/WSDL – for creating the XML messages out of SAP data that are conform to the MIC standard interfaces
  • SAP PI/PO/XI – your SAP middleware technology can be used to call the MIC webservices (SOAP) and send and receive data to/from MIC. No ABAP installations on PI/PO/XI is required, a PI/PO/XI forwards the XML messages as whole. In case of an on-premises installation of the MIC suite with SAP in the same network, no PI/PO/XI is required

MIC SAP Interfaces will never modify SAP standard ABAP code.

MIC SAP Interfaces customizing possibilities

The MIC customizing allows for extensive possibilities in customizing MIC SAP Interfaces to fit your process. For details please reach out to us.

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