The Power of the Cloud

News | Central Classification | Customs Filing 18 February 2022

How running the MIC application on the Microsoft Azure Cloud benefits companies in North America and Asia-Pacific.

For decades, applications have run on internal IT systems and worked just fine. But with the digital transformation and related changes to internal business processes as well as the increasing flood of data and transactions, the call for more innovative and secure solutions became louder.

Microsoft Azure provides exactly this, a reliable infrastructure for operating cloud applications. Hundreds of Azure data centers store and manage data over the globe. Its global coverage allows us to deploy the MIC application in different regions, such as the South Central region in the USA and the Southeast Asia region, which are managed by our global IT hosting & infrastructure partner A1 Telecom Austria.

That’s all possible through the connection of the local services in Texas (US) and Singapore (SG) with the central services in Vienna (Austria). The setup of MIC’s customs and trade compliance software through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model enables our customers quick access to the MIC application and customer data as well as faster roll-out times resulting in cost & time savings:

The Azure cloud allows us to provide the MIC customs & trade compliance software solutions on a professional and secure cloud platform. Our cloud-based solution eliminates many risks in comparison to on premise solutions. It does not only offer the advantage to access the MIC application via the browser from any location around the world, but also ensures backup plans, disaster recovery as well as high security and compliance standards.

Therefore, we believe it’s time to move away from the traditional on-premises solution and welcome the cloud!

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