MIC-CUST® gives you the green light for ...

  • A customs solution for 48+ countries
  • A single standardized global system for import and export clearance
  • Software that is constantly updated to changing laws and regulations
  • Cost savings on customs duties by taking advantage of special customs procedures and duty drawback processes
  • Direct electronic communication with the national customs administrations' systems (customs direct filing solutions)
  • Integration with MIC’s global trade content service (GTCS) for up-to-date trade content
  • EDI/XML converter is already completely integrated
  • A central location to record all data for worldwide customs management
  • A flexible reporting system for business reporting

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D&B Rating Certificate von MIC-Datenverarbeitung Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Best Business Award 2015

MIC-CUST® Global Customs Management

One system, one database, one user interface, one maintenance and support center for global customs management

MIC-CUST® is a standard customs solution on a single technical platform that supports more than 48 countries.

MIC-CUST® enables the automated creation of import and export declarations to leverage and seamlessly convert one country's customs export clearance into another country’s customs import clearance, streamlining inter-company shipping processes.

The system also allows quick electronic transfer of data to third parties (brokers, carriers, etc.). This prevents the re-keying of data, eliminates mistakes, reduces costs and increases compliance.

With MIC-CUST® you also generate cost savings on customs duties by taking advantage of special customs procedures and duty drawback processes (inward processing, outward processing, bonded warehouse, processing under customs control).

MIC-CUST® global customs management provides more efficiency, more transparency, and ensures compliance in one single system - it simply saves time, energy and money.  

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