The SaaS revolution: how MIC customers benefit from cloud-based solutions

News 16 April 2024

The digital business community is undergoing a transformation characterized by technological developments such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Economic analyses show that SaaS models are accounting for an ever-increasing share of B2B sales revenue and are thus becoming a crucial element of business success. An article from Crata AI*, takes a closer look at current developments: The SaaS market is currently valued at around 197 billion U.S. dollars, and forecasts suggest it will reach an even more impressive figure of 232 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. This fact is underlining the importance of SaaS as a key driver of business growth. MIC, a leading provider of cloud-based customs and trade compliance solutions, has also been providing its solutions on a SaaS basis for over 15 years and shows a use case of how SaaS solutions are helping to shape the IT landscape.

Why is SaaS so attractive for companies?

The answer: companies like MIC that offer cloud-based SaaS solutions address the specific needs of companies. This customized service enables companies to optimize their processes and gain a competitive edge. But what exactly makes SaaS so irresistible?

Efficiency through a single point of contact:

  • MIC not only offers a SaaS platform, but also acts as a central point of contact for all data access and requirements. This increases efficiency by saving time and resources.

Fast access and rollout:

  • MIC's cloud-based deployment means that customers can not only access their data quickly, but also benefit from shorter rollout times. This agility enables companies to react quickly to market changes.

Cost savings:

  • The SaaS application provided by MIC leads to significant cost savings, as maintenance is managed centrally, and internal IT resources can be used more effectively. An analysis of internal statistics shows an average reduction in support tickets of up to 30% after switching to SaaS. In addition, customers no longer need to invest in expensive infrastructure.

Scalability and flexibility:

  • MIC adapts flexibly to the individual requirements of its customers and is perfectly scalable as companies grow and so transaction volumes increase. This includes integrating new locations, expanding the product portfolio, and adapting to legal changes.

High availability and security:

  • MIC customers benefit from guaranteed availability and comprehensive security measures, this is underpinned by ISO/IEC 27001:2013. Sensitive data is always protected, and MIC ensures that all compliance requirements are met. During operation, an effective availability of 99.7% and more on average is achieved; ongoing optimizations of the infrastructure and technological platform will increase this availability even further.

Holistic support for companies:

  • MIC not only offers technological advantages, but also supports companies holistically, e.g. with experienced project managers during implementation projects to configure the solution to the customer's business processes. Round-the-clock application support and automated content updates make the solution a "carefree package" whose continuous further development enables MIC to support its customers' success in a constantly changing business world.

These outstanding features make MIC's cloud-based SaaS solutions an essential choice for companies seeking efficiency, flexibility, and security in global trade management.

Facts from the U.S. economy

The role of SaaS is also underpinned by current data from the U.S. economy. According to an article** from Fortune Business Insights, 73% of U.S. companies are planning to deploy SaaS in content collaboration tools that they can improve their data flow. This underlines the increasing importance of digital solutions for companies.

Global relevance of SaaS

The importance of on-demand software extends beyond local markets. It is a global trend that is fundamentally changing the business world by improving access to technology and resources, increasing scalability, and creating new opportunities for efficiency and flexibility. Forecasts show promising growth of SaaS in the global market and emphasize the need for companies to embrace this development.

Conclusion: On the road to the future with SaaS

In a time of unstoppable digital transformation, SaaS is a driver for companies to compete in an increasingly digital world. Companies like MIC offer optimized SaaS solutions that not only increase operational efficiency, but also allow entrepreneurs to respond faster to market demands and secure competitive advantage through continuous improvement.

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