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Your time is precious

And we know that. That is why our eZollOnline software is optimized for fast, efficient and easy work. Thanks to an automatic check, up to 99% of errors are prevented as soon as the data is entered. In this way, input errors are discovered immediately and can be corrected quickly. In the standard case, you only have to enter each declaration once. Checks such as Taric, measures, prohibitions and restrictions as well as all code lists are included in eZollOnline as standard, which saves you 80% of the time compared to the standard process without eZollOnline. The data is then automatically forwarded to the Federal Computing Center. If an error message should nevertheless occur, all information according to the BMF examination document will be displayed in the current version and suitable solutions will be automatically provided. So you not only save yourself waiting for a response from the Federal Computing Center, but also the tedious task of leafing through a more than 600-page examination list.

In order to save you having to re-enter the same values ​​over and over again, we have introduced a client system that enables default values ​​for import, export and transit to be preset. Optionally, templates and sample files can also be created. The automatic forwarding of declarations received by email to your company address, customer or client is also no problem.

Practice-oriented training

What others need a whole day for, we only need 2 hours

Our training, which is included in the set-up fee, takes a maximum of 2 hours and takes place either in person on site or via an online meeting. You have the choice.

In a practice-oriented manner, we work immediately with your data that you send to us before the start of the training. For this purpose, you can download a checklist here, which lists all the information that we need from you in advance.

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