NCTS Authorized Consignee (CE)


Our customs solution TRAMPER®CUSTOMS - NCTS Authorized Consignee (CE) enables you to quickly declare your goods ,for instance, into your open bonded warehouse or as authorized consignee, by using simple and status commanded dialogue. The complete integration between the module NCTS CE and e-dec Import ensures your efficient customs handling.

This gives you the green light for ...

  • Specification AAR*
  • Arrival declarations
  • Unloading remarks
  • Complete integration with e-dec Import
  • Simple correction and cancellation procedure
  • Monitoring for the easy control of conclusion customs process
  • Controlling elapsed time process for unloading remarks
  • Simple handling by declaration of meanderings after unloading of the goods
  • Individual suggestion data per declarant
  • Status commanded process development
  • And much more.

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