DHF Zolaris Management-Center


The basis of this modul creates a new relation concept that enables to define business and cost units. Furthermore, it is possible to structure your reporting system into business units or departments and allocate the access to information for individual users via menu permissions.

You know…

  • WHO (department, operator, user)
  • WHAT (customs process)
  • FOR WHOM (customers, business units, cost units)
  • WITH WHICH EFFORT (Leistungsberichte, Durchlaufzeiten, Fehlermeldungen der Behörde, Produktivität)
  • OVER WHICH PERIOD OF TIME (frei wählbar)


The Zolaris management center consists of...

Analysis module...

  • Reporting of the customs business through diverse evaluations 
  • Both graphical reporting and via export to Excel 
  • Evaluations can be created individually 
  • Direct preview of evaluations in Zolaris with integrated filter/search feature
  • Comfortable user guidance in relation to ad-hoc enquiries and graphical evaluations 


  • Allocation of sequences regarding to the business (cost units, customers, business units)
  • Serve as a basis for subsequent evaluations 
  • Can be created at any time by anyone 

Security module...

  • The range of functions of Zolaris can be controlled at group and user level 
  • Only designated users/groups can make changes of master data 
  • Evaluations for individual users can be visible/invisible 
  • Individual collection forms can be faded out/blocked

Technical Information

Detailed information can be found HERE (PDF Download 324kb).

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