Press Releases 29 January 2013

You think of customs? We have solutions!

Automotive Logistics Buyers' Guide 2013 | January 2013

Press Releases 6 December 2012

Imperiale Architektur

logistik journal | 06 December 2012

Customs Filing | Central Classification | Customer Case 4 December 2012

How Panasonic Cleared Taking Care of Hardware, Legal Changes and Customs Software Release Planning

One Centralized and Standardized Customs Solution Platform via MIC's Software as a Service (SaaS)

Press Releases | Origin Calculation 19 October 2012

Customised Choice

Logistics Business IT | October 2012

News | Export Controls 1 October 2012

MIC Customs Solutions launches new product for denied party screening

Increase your compliance with MIC Denied Party Screening (DPS)

Central Classification | News 14 August 2012

Panasonic lifestyle products are classified with MIC’s Central Classification System CCS

One system, one user interface, one centralized and standardized product classification tool provided via Software as a Service (SaaS)

Customs Filing | Central Classification | Customer Case 23 July 2012

Innovative Customs Software for a Creative Car Manufacturer

MIC’s SaaS Solution Opens the Door for an International Customs Software Rollout on a Single Customs Solution Platform

Customs Filing | Customer Case 3 July 2012

Are we compliant?

Improved Transparency, Visibility and Compliance for Imperial Tobacco Group by Using MIC as a European-Wide Customs Platform

Customs Filing | News 20 April 2012

PSA Peugeot Citroën relies on MIC’s SaaS Solution

Professionalism, reliability and the capability to create innovative customs software have been the convincing arguments for the French car manufacturer

Customs Filing | News 4 March 2012

Imperial Tobacco Group (ITG) - EU Rollout of MIC CUST®

MIC's unique customs direct filing solutions support ITG’s international business