MIC Customs Solutions implements interface to Belgian APCS e-Desk!

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Electronical proof of export saves money and time

With the multiport e-Desk the Antwerp Port Authority offers an important tool for exporters to enable them to streamline their electronic communication within the supply chain and to safeguard their Proof of Exit.

In the e-Desk information details of the export shipment and the related export customs declaration can be pre-announced up-front the actual arrival of the shipment. When the shipment finally arrives at one of the terminals, the terminal operator calls up this information from e-Desk, connects it with the container or chassis number and uses it to send a declaration of arrival of the goods to the customs office of exit, which then confirms the exit once the shipment is loaded on board. As you know; this arrival declaration has been made compulsory by customs as part of the Export Control System (ECS).

The customs office of exit for its part regards the electronic registration in the APCS e-Desk as an alternative proof of export. This fact represents a big relief to the exporters who now have an immediate electronic proof of export instead of waiting until a customs officer manually confirms the exit of the goods, which happens most often months after sailing or even not at all if the document gets lost. Exporters then had to launch a time consuming inquiry for the missing documents that proved the export of the goods. In some cases, even had to start up procedures at the destination to alternatively prove the export out of EC, putting them at risk and causing additional costs.

To offer this relief to MIC customers as well, MIC decided to implement an interface to the Belgian APCS e-Desk. This will enable them to electronically send their export declarations to APCS e-Desk and obtain corresponding electronic proof of export. The relevant MIC module will be available by the end of September 2014.

In the meantime, The Antwerp Port Authority has entered into a collaboration agreement with its counterpart in the Port of Zeebrugge so that the same application can be used for both ports.

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