Are you selling goods to undesirable entities? MIC is helping you to identify denied parties with the right tools!

Webinar | 22 February 2018

4 PM CET/ 3 PM GMT / 10 AM EST / 7 AM PST


Governments around the world maintain denied parties lists with entities it is illegal to do business with. Doing business with these sanctioned parties can result in fines and penalties as well as the loss of export privileges and imprisonment. Therefore companies must take steps to guard against conducting business with entities that are on those lists, lists that are often complex and regularly updated, sometimes even daily. This can become very cumbersome without having the right tools in place.

MIC Denied Party Screening (DPS) will help you to effectively manage the numerous and constantly changing denied party lists.

It automates and monitors the complicated functions and processes that are involved with denied party screening. It provides you with a broad spectrum of functionalities e.g. the screening of numerous sanction lists based on a configurable screening algorithm, set-up of screening profiles, integration into various ERP systems, daily up-to-date list content pro-actively maintained by content partners, full audit trail of screening results and many more. MIC DPS simply reduces risks and costs associated with global trade and it supports you to keep track of the entire process to ensure absolute transparency.

Don't miss this webinar and stay up-to-date with MIC’s DPS tool, helping you to identify denied parties before your goods are sold to them!


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