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As part of the MIC solution for Mexico customs trade compliance we help our clients and prospects to drive additional hard savings and to drive down their entry costs on both sides of the Mexico border. Our Mexico specific functionality enables the automation of bonded, duty deferral, reconciliation programs and the IMMEX program while automating the creation of import and export declarations (pedimentos) leveraging one country’s export clearance into another country’s import clearance. These automations allow the customs process to be simplified and costs per clearance mitigated across the entire supply chain.

MIC’s Mexico customs solution set is web-based that can handle multiple facilities from a single hosted or licensed system. This allows for a standardized, organized and defined workflow process for your company helping you take full advantage of existing regulations and to get ahead of future changes.

MIC-CUST® Mexico offers solutions for both IMMEX and Automotive Fiscal Deposit programs. The module enables the automated inventory management required by Mexican legislation (ANNEX 24 for IMMEX Companies and Automotive Fiscal Deposit for OEMs). The logic can also be configured to support compliance with Value Added Tax (VAT) certification (ANNEX 31).

The system allows direct electronic transfer of data to third parties (financial institutions, brokers, carriers, etc.). This prevents the re-keying of data, minimizing mistakes, reducing costs, and increasing compliance.

MIC-CUST® Mexico provides increased efficiency, improved transparency, and greater compliance in one single system.

MIC-CUST® Import Pedimento and Export Pedimento as well as Automotive Fiscal Deposit / IMMEX Programs

  • Inventory Management (IMMEX, AFD) and Pedimento Management with VUCEM and SAAI integration in one system including F3/G5/CT pedimento management for AFD and F4/F5 for IMMEX
  • Cost savings on customs duties by taking advantage of FTAs, special customs programs and duty deferral programs (IMMEX, Automotive Fiscal Deposit)
  • Import pedimento and export pedimento creation and declaration via prevalidator to SAT
  • Fully traceable inventory management according to FIFO (including ANNEX 24 – IMMEX and Automotive Fiscal Deposit)
  • Inventory transfer and integrated import Pedimento 
  • VAT certification requirements (ANNEX 31) Electronic links to logistics and customs service providers (brokers, carriers, etc.) 
  • Electronic links to logistics and customs service providers (brokers, carriers, etc.) 
  • Full traceability to import/export Pedimento 
  • Handling of electronic CTM 
  • Control of the temporary importation (IMMEX) 
  • R1 rectification corrections and compensation 
  • Direct Integration with VUCEM for COVE, DODA/PITA, E-Manifest for Railroad, E-Documents (XML and reports) requirements 
  • Handling of non-tariff regulations and restrictions 
  • Calculation of customs dutiable value 
  • Logical hierarchy of preferences; Regla Octava, PROSEC or FTA
  • Automatic tax and duty calculation (Landed Cost Calculation)
  • Multi Broker Support (Multi Patente)
  • Pedimentos Parte II

Direct communication paths and easy handling without complications

Summarizing - MIC offers the following customs and trade compliance solutions for Mexico

  • Compliance with import / export processes and requirements
  • Automotive Tax Deposits - Allowing your company to pay taxes on the removal of the tax deposit and not upon import
  • Inventory control
  • Direct link with government authorities
  • PROSEC and Regla Octava - Foreign trade instruments created by the Ministry of the Economy, which allow the importation, free of import taxes or at reduced rates, of raw materials, components, and machinery and equipment used by the importer's production processes
  • Supports the IMMEX program - Mexican companies that temporarily import raw materials, parts, components and machinery, to subject them to manufacturing, transformation or repair processes or to provide export services
  • Management of Free Trade Agreements and Treaties for - NAFTA / USMCA, Mexico-EFTA, MX-CO, ACE55 (Mercosur)
  • Petitions and signatures that electronically declare the contributions applicable to imports, exports and withdrawals from the automotive tax warehouse
  • Creation of the Transfer Certificates (CTM) - Vehicle manufacturers issue their certificates to their national suppliers, which cover the goods they acquired from said suppliers, which were exported or destined for the national market, either in the same condition or incorporated into the vehicles they manufactured

Customer references

Among MIC's customer references for Mexico are BMW Group, Daimler Trucks NAGeneral Motors, TE Connectivity, Ford ...

MIC-CUST® Mexico Customs Management - Product information sheet

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