Customs Software Solution for Ireland for Import Declaration, Export Declaration, Intrastat Reporting and more


MIC is a leading provider of global customs and trade compliance software solutions that comply with regional and national legal requirements of national customs authority systems. We provide standardized customs software solutions together with the country-specific customs filing requirements for Ireland as well as for many other countries worldwide.

We offer MIC INTRA for managing Intrastat reporting as well as MIC-CUST® IE for import declaration and export declaration. Furthermore, MIC-CUST® NCTS for the Electronic Transit System (ETS) facilitates the electronic handling of the entire shipping process. Our professional customs software solutions for Ireland do not only enable your company a more efficient and transparent processing of customs declarations but also to save time and money.

MIC's customs software solutions for Ireland - import declaration, export declaration and electronic transit procedure

With MIC-CUST® IE IMP & EXP & MIC-CUST® NCTS we provide a customs compliance software solution adapted to the country-specific customs filing requirements of Ireland.

MIC INTRA supports the monthly Intrastat declaration reporting in Ireland (arrival reporting and dispatch reporting to the Irish statistical bureau)

Our Intrastat reporting software solution MIC INTRA supports the monthly Intrastat declaration according to the national requirements of the statistical bureau of Ireland.

  • Statistics submitted to government by uploading via web application
  • Automatic conversion of Intrastat dispatch data into country-specific Intrastat arrival reporting formats of Ireland
  • Reduction of system interfaces
  • Minimization of manual interventions
  • Efficient and economical solution for Intrastat declarations in Ireland

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