Canada Customs Trade Compliance


As part of the MIC solution for Canada customs trade compliance we help our clients and prospects to drive additional hard savings and to drive down their entry costs on all sides of the Canadian border. Our Canada specific functionality enables the automation of several key Canadian programs while automating the creation of import and export declarations leveraging one country’s export clearance into another country’s import clearance. This solution allows export/import detail to flow through without intervention thus creating an efficient process while eliminating inaccuracies caused by keying in data incorrectly. These automations allow the customs process to be simplified and costs per clearance mitigated across the entire supply chain.

MIC’s Canada Customs solution set is a web-based system that can automate the processes for multiple facilities from a single hosted or licensed instance. This allows for a standardized, organized and defined workflow process for your company helping you take full advantage of existing regulations and to get ahead of future changes.

MIC’s Canada compliance provides solutions for:

  • Import/Export Compliance
  • Direct electronic communication with the Canadian Customs Administrations System – i.e. Advance Commercial Information (ACI – risk management process that requires identification of goods entering Canada)
  • Sending and Receiving notifications to and from Canada Border Services Agency for approvals, acceptance, and or rejections concerning goods
  • Free Trade Agreement Management and Solicitation for – NAFTA, etc.
  • Creation of Revenue Summary Forms (RSF)
  • Drawbacks for both service and production
  • Reporting, Auditing, and Closing various Canadian records such as B3, KI, and type X records
  • CADEX (Canadian Data Exchange) which is offered by Canada Border Services Agency to file customs accounting documentation electronically
  • CAED (Canadian Automated Export Declaration) - allowing registered exporters the opportunity to prepare and submit required declarations electronically quickly and efficiently to the Canadian government


Customer references

Among MIC's customer references for Canada are General MotorsSiemens AG, Daimler Trucks NA, ...

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