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National customs authority systems have special requirements referring to customs filing processes (e.g. country-specific electronic filing formats). Therefore, MIC aims to provide standardized Customs & Trade Compliance Software Solutions adaptable to country-specific customs filing requirements for the country of customs declaration.

With MIC-CUST® for Canada, we are offering a standardized customs process management together with the country-specific customs filing components. Our software solution MIC-CUST® supports the direct electronic data exchange for customs clearance with the Canadian customs administration's system.

As part of the MIC solution for Canada customs trade compliance we help our clients and prospects to drive additional hard savings and to drive down their entry costs on all sides of the Canadian border. Our Canada specific functionality enables the automation of several key Canadian programs while automating the creation of import and export declarations leveraging one country’s export clearance into another country’s import clearance. These automations allow the customs process to be simplified and costs per clearance mitigated across the entire supply chain.

Additionally, companies need to be aware about the announced CARM project. The Canadian customs authority plans to implement the CARM client portal which is an online self-service for simplified importing process.

MIC’s customs clearance solutions for the Canadian Import procedure

The following types of declaration required as a CSA (Customs Self Assessment) are supported (non-CSA declarations are currently not supported and available):

  • B3 declaration
  • Type X declaration
  • TCP handling
  • Accounting RSF (Accounting file on a monthly basis)

In addition, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is working on the simplification of the overall importing process. The Canadian Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project is a multi-year initiative that will transform the collection of duties and taxes for goods imported into Canada.

Please note that the implementation of the CARM message format (CAD) and processes is in progress and based on the release plan published by the CARM project team. Currently, no firm Go-Live date is published. MIC will continue to work on the CARM Implementation based on CBSAs Timelines to make sure the CARM message set and processes are in place for a Go-Live.

CARM processes and the new CAD formal will replace the existing B3 and Type X messages. The current CSA RSF process will be replaced by the DN (Daily Notice) and SOA (Statement of Account) process already in place for non-CSA filers. RSF process will no longer be supported after the transition to CARM.

Find more information on the CARM project here:

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