Why Using MIC’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution Model?

MIC News | News 10 January 2020

When purchasing MIC’ customs and trade compliance software solutions, it is essential for businesses to decide whether they want the software to be hosted by a third-party provider or managed by themselves.

Of course, this decision must be very carefully considered.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend the implementation of a SaaS solution for several reasons!

What is Software-as-a-Service?

A modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution helps businesses to handle the increases in data and transactions, in short the solution is more scalable. Data and programs are stored and accessed over the Internet and hosted by a third-party provider.

SaaS Business Benefits

In the case that a customer decides for MIC’s SaaS solution model, MIC provides the software through a data center and acts as a single-point-of-contact for all services to the client. The setup of MIC’s customs and trade compliance software through a cloud-based software delivery model enables our customers faster roll-out times and quicker access to the MIC application and customer data resulting in cost & time savings. 

MIC’s SaaS solution was designed to deliver several business benefits:

•    Pay per use
•    Scalability (computing power and storage)
•    Guaranteed high-availability
•    Guaranteed response & resolution times
•    Worldwide access through high-speed internet backbone (Austrian carrier)
•    Backup & disaster recovery
•    Frequent release upgrades incl. regulatory changes
•    System & application monitoring
•    Security protection through firewalls, encryption and physical security of data center
•    Certified data centers according international standards

This allows us to provide a professional high-quality cloud platform which can be easily handled by our client. Our SaaS solution offers the advantage that businesses do not have to maintain the IT infrastructure incl. servers by themselves and enables the customer to simply access the application via the browser from any location. 

Access from Asia Pacific region

In addition, it is our goal to continuously improve performance. Recently MIC experts have realized to enable Asian customers to access the MIC application even faster by integrating the Microsoft Azure Cloud and connecting the local services in Singapore with the central services in Vienna, Austria. This allows Asian clients to get faster access to the MIC application via the local servers in Singapore, which are managed by our global IT hosting & infrastructure partner A1 Telecom Austria  as well.