Seagate went live with MIC CUST® for US AES filing

15 February 2012

Improved export compliance and process automation

Seagate is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disk drives that are used in systems ranging from desktop computers and consumer electronics to data centers delivering information over corporate networks and the Internet. The hard disk drives are primarily sold to major original equipment manufacturers or OEMs but also to major distributors, who sell their hard drive products to small OEMs, dealers, system integrators and retailers throughout most of the world.

In 2011 Seagate chose MIC Customs Solutions as its customs software provider for the US AES filing. AES – Automated Export System – filing is required by the US Department of Commerce on all exports where a product is either controlled or the value of any one customs line is greater than $2.500. This requirement is already in place since October 2008 and provides tough penalty provisions to all parties involved in the export process that don’t adhere to these regulations.

However, after successfully stepping through the typical project phases, Seagate went live with MIC CUST® Export for the US AES filing this February. With this, Seagate not only benefits from a better export compliance but also from process automation and reduced workload.

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