Roll-out of MIC-CUST® Import for a Swedish Automotive Manufacturer in China

News | Customs Filing 12 April 2019

MIC is delighted to inform you that the roll-out of MIC-CUST® for a Swedish automotive manufacturer in China was a complete success.

After the project launch with the Swedish automotive manufacturer in China in August 2018, MIC was able to set another milestone in its company history. Thanks to the excellent cooperation of professionals from MIC and the globally acting car producer, MIC was able to successfully roll-out MIC’s customs clearance software solution for the Chinese market. This means that MIC’s software solution manages the customs clearance process through direct electronic data exchange with the China Single Window portal.

MIC successfully introduced a solution for import clearance (MIC-CUST® Import) which aims to facilitate and speed up the creation of combined Import & CIQ declarations for the Chinese market. Since the Swedish automotive manufacturer was the first company to implement MIC’s software solution for direct import declaration filing in China, a major advantage was that both companies could benefit from each other – the Swedish automotive manufacturer could impact the MIC software development process and MIC gains China best practice experience.

Following the successful go-live of MIC-CUST® Import for China in February 2019, further projects with the Swedish automotive manufacturer are already in the planning stage. In the next step, the focus is on the implementation of MIC’s software solution for export clearance (MIC-CUST® Export) as well as for the processing trade regime (MIC-CUST® PTR) in China.

MIC’s software solution MIC-CUST® enables efficient and transparent customs processes worldwide thereby helping customers to save time and money.

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