New US Import Functionality

News | Customs Filing 1 November 2015

Earlier this month, MIC Customs Solutions went live with their first productive Importer Security Filings (ISF). ISF, formerly known as 10+2, transmissions are required for all US ocean imports, prior to loading in the port of export.

Already approved by CBP as a certified filer for ACE Entry and ISF, MIC has recently added certification for ACE Entry Summary and Cargo Release, preparing for Go Live with productive import entries in ACE in early 2016. MIC estimates that over 500,000 live entries will be filed using MIC-CUST® US in 2016.

Joe Blaskiewicz, US Import Support Manager for MIC, states "Our customers will enjoy greater efficiencies by leveraging data used in ISF transmissions to create vessel entries. This will not only reduce workload, but increase consistency and accuracy by reducing manual keying. As ACE becomes the mandatory vehicle for filing US imports in 2016, we expect to see increased interest in direct filing with Customs and Border Protection (CBP)."

The MIC group currently employs over 250 professionals around the world. More than 700 international customers, many of whom are global players, rely on MIC Customs Solutions software products for their global trade management solutions.

If you would like to learn more about MIC, please contact us via email, [email protected].