MIC OCS - The Leading Solution for Origin Management

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Benefit from major cost savings thanks to MIC’s Origin Calculation Solution (MIC OCS)

Many preferential agreements exist between trade groups and countries. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) provide tremendous opportunities for companies to save costs and improve their international operations.

However, only few companies are exploiting these benefits.

Many of them are not aware that establishing preferential origin of products reduces the costs of their imports. These cost reductions, however, are important to succeed in an international market. Usually lower import costs result in increased sales and substantially increased profit obtainable from the sale of each individual product.

MIC OCS helps you to exploit exactly these benefits, so that you can be ahead of your competitors.

MIC OCS, our origin calculation system satisfies all global market origin tracking requirements within Customs. It enables you to solicit and store origin data from suppliers and to calculate origin for manufactured products. Moreover, you can store and process rules of origin for an unlimited number of unique preferential / free trade agreements.MIC OCS' supply chain solicitation system makes it easier to generate and track origin requests through various options including a web-based supplier portal.

MIC OCS ensures that you are exploiting all benefits provided by FTAs.

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