MIC INTRA EU 28 ready

Globales Zollmanagement | News | Gestion de Dédouanement | Actualités | Customs Filing | News 5 July 2013

Intrastat software for Croatia in productive usage since the 1st day of joining the EU

After Croatia's joining of the EU on the 1st of July the border controls to its neighboring EU member countries won't disappear automatically. But Croatia will start already now to fulfill the criteria of the Schengen agreement as it represents the external border of the EU. The Croatian Ministry of the Interior reported recently that Croatia is negotiating with Slovenia and Hungary about conditions for common border controls. This should especially speed up border crossing during the height of the tourism season.

The immediate impact of Croatia's EU joining for companies is the lapse of customs formalities for their Croatian imports and exports within the EU. Instead of that, they have to file a monthly Intrastat report to the Croatian statistical bureau. MIC INTRA is the software that delivers this to you and that from the very first day of Croatia's EU joining.

However, MIC INTRA provides more than this, it is the only Intrastat software package available that offers you an efficient and cost-effective solution for Intrastat reporting resp. filing in all 28 EU member states. This is a big advantage particularly for multinational companies!

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