MIC Customs Solutions selected as origin calculation software provider for a German automotive manufacturer for future production plans in South Africa

Origin Calculation | News 29 August 2016

With regards to imports from South Africa into the EU, manufacturing companies can make use of beneficial treatment in the form of applying preferential duty rates on complete built-up units (CBUs) deriving from the Agreement on Trade, Development and Cooperation between the European Community and the Republic of South Africa. To be able to do so, a legally compliant and audit proofed process of preferential calculation needs to be set up.

MIC's Origin Calculation System, MIC OCS, enables those required transparent and compliant preference determination processes focusing on the specific regulations of the EU-ZA free trade agreement as well as the SADC Treaty (South African Development Community) in order that preferential duty rates can be applied. In August 2016 the BMW Group awarded MIC Customs Solutions with a contract to implement MIC OCS for the application of the EU-ZA free trade agreement, too.

What else about MIC OCS? It delivers compliant, reliable and efficient preference determination processes for more than 90 free trade agreements globally including the South African market as well since 5+ years. Together with its unique functionalities like top-down and bottom-up calculation MIC OCS leads to optimized (advantage) calculation results and therefore is an essential tool for accurate and best-in-class calculation of the preferential origin.

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