Leading beauty products manufacturer is live with MIC’s customs filing solution in Germany

News | Export Controls | Central Classification | Customs Filing | Origin Calculation 15 November 2017

MIC is pleased to announce that one of the global leaders in fragrances is live with MIC’s customs filing solution in Germany. In a first wave MIC has provided the following modules:

These are just some of the modules included in the signed contract and MIC is already looking forward to the next go-lives of further MIC modules which are:

  • MIC DPS for denied party lists screening which is already in the ramp up phase and will be operational soon.
  • MIC OCS for origin calculation (CALC) and supplier solicitation (SCS) covering multiple free trade agreements (FTAs) as well as MIC’s supplier web-portal for the efficient management of supplier declarations. Go-live of both modules will be in the second quarter of 2018.

Looking a bit farther into the future there are projects for IPR UK or NCTS in Germany on the horizon.

About MIC:

MIC is the world leader in providing global customs and trade compliance software solutions. The MIC group currently employs over 275 professionals around the world. More than 700 international customers rely on MIC software products for their global customs and trade compliance management solutions.

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