Imperial Tobacco Group introduces MIC-CUST® in Turkey and is planning an expansion for MIC-CUST® import functionalities in Poland

News | Customs Filing 26 July 2017

MIC is pleased to announce that our long-standing customer ITG (Imperial Tobacco Group) went live with the MIC-CUST® module in Turkey in spring 2017.

The company is part of the Imperial Brands PLC, the fourth-largest tobacco company worldwide with international presence. The company is present in 160 countries and has 36,000 employees at 37 production plants globally. Furthermore, it offers its customers a wide product range of diverse cigarettes, cigars or filters. 

The go-live of the MIC-CUST® module took place in Turkey in May 2017 and the next go live is already in the planning stage, since MIC is currently working intensively on the implementation of MIC-CUST® for import customs clearance in Poland. The go live for Poland is planned for autumn 2018.

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