Hager Group is live with MIC’s Origin Calculation Module

News | Origin Calculation 21 April 2021

Hager Group went live with MIC’s solution for an optimized free trade agreement management enabling automated solicitation of supplier declarations and an optimized origin calculation of parts!

Hager Group is one of the leading providers of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. In 2020, the globally operating company decided for the implementation of MIC’s Customs and Trade Compliance software modules to improve their worldwide customs processes.

Following the introduction of the supplier solicitation tool (MIC OCS |SCS) in December 2020, we are very happy that the go-live of the origin calculation module (MIC OCS | CALC) took place in February this year. Hager Group successfully implemented the following software solutions at their plants in Germany and France:

  • MIC OCS | SCS: MIC’s supplier solicitation tool supports the automated solicitation of supplier declaration documents for the implemented Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) via the innovative MIC supplier web-portal. With the introduction of the supplier solicitation tool, Hager Group will receive long-term supplier declarations (LTSDs) from their suppliers through an automated solicitation process. Furthermore, the company is now able to issue LTSD's to their customers based on the received LTSD's and calculation results.
  • MIC OCS | CALC incl. 8 FTAs: The origin calculation module facilitates the calculation of the origin of goods and allows Hager Group the management of free trade agreements (FTAs). The company decided for the implementation of eight FTAs, such as JEFTA, CETA or EU-SG. The project with Hager Group also covered the seamless integration of the module MIC OCS with Hager Group’s ERP system (SAP).

After the successful go-live in Germany and France, Hager Group now clearly benefits from an innovative software solution enabling an optimized management of free trade agreements worldwide!

MIC is looking forward to the joint implementation of further projects with Hager Group that are already in the pipeline.

About MIC:

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