German automotive manufacturer, part of the PSA group, decided for MICs Software as a Service (SaaS) platform

News | Central Classification | Customs Filing | Origin Calculation 17 December 2018

MIC is happy to announce that one of the best known German automotive manufacturers (formerly owned by GM, now part of PSA Group) decided for MIC’s Software as a Service (SaaS) environment earlier this year.

The contract with the automobile producer covers the following MIC modules:

  • MIC’s central system for customs tariff classification - MIC CCS:
    MIC's central customs tariff classification system (MIC CCS | CTC) enables increased automation and audit trail for customs tariffing of products through rule-based and intelligent algorithms, taking into account regularly updated national customs tariffs.
  • MIC’s origin calculation and supplier solicitation system - MIC OCS:
    MIC's solution for origin of goods and preferences (MIC OCS) contributes to the intelligent and efficient management of supplier declarations (SCS - Supply Chain Solicitation) for many free trade agreements (FTAs) worldwide via the MIC supplier web portal and helps to fulfil a number of complex rules of origin by optimising the calculation of origin (CALC), its detailed documentation and subsequent automated creation of customer supplier declarations. A large number of FTAs are covered in this project amongst them the agreements between EU and Mexico, Chile, Korea or South Africa.
  • MIC’s customs filing solution - MIC-CUST®:
    In this project MIC-CUST® supports direct import and export customs filing, inward processing relief incl. end use, the recalculation of duties after initial filing to customs authorities in 5 countries as well as electronic transit declarations for multiple EU countries. It represents a consistent customs solution on one single technical platform with the opportunity for automatic electronic import and export clearance processes incl. inventory management and much more.
  • MIC’s Intrastat reporting tool - MIC INTRA:
    MIC INTRA is an efficient and economical solution for Intrastat declarations in all EU member states. It supports the automatic conversion of Intrastat dispatches of the country of dispatch into country-specific declaration formats for Intrastat arrivals of the recipient country and thus the reduction of system interfaces as well as the minimization of manual interference. Nearly a dozen countries are included in this project.

The company’s decision for MIC’s SaaS solution reflects current market trends that most of the companies prefer Cloud solutions over On-Premises solution. Since 2010 PSA already runs MIC’s customs & trade compliance solutions for multiple countries on the MIC-SaaS (Cloud) platform.

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