Import & Export Clearance


MIC-CUST® Import & Export enables next to the creation of customs import and export declarations for 50+ countries, also an automated calculation of duties and taxes. Additionally the use of the EU's Single Authorization for Simplified Procedure (SASP), that acts as a forerunner for the planned EUs Centralised Clearance, is already supported many years.

MIC-CUST® Import & Export means one single system certified for import and export customs declarations in several countries such as e.g. ACE in the USA, SAAI and CPN in Mexico, CSA in Canada, DELTA in France, ATLAS in Germany, PLDA in Belgium, AGS in the Netherlands, e-zoll in Austria, e-dec in Switzerland, CHIEF/CDS in the UK, ITU and ELEX in Finland, SKAT in Denmark, TDS in Sweden, CELINA in PolandAIDA in Italy, ICEGATE in India, and many more.

Import & Export: MIC-CUST® Import & Export
  • Automated import and export customs declaration for numerous countries
  • Check of quotas and licenses
  • Calculation of customs value (valuation)
  • Automatic calculation of taxes and duties (landed cost calculation)
  • Direct data exchange with electronic filing systems of the national customs authorities (direct filing) or with brokers via configurable broker interfaces
  • Log book & traffic light status for data exchange with customs authorities and brokers
  • Fully integrated and certified preparation of the country-specific electronic filing formats (EDI/XML converter)
  • Use of a flexible reporting system for internal purposes (business reporting)
  • Seamless documentation and archiving of global customs processes (audit trail)
  • Increased import & export compliance
Use of EUs SASP (forerunner of EUs Centralised Clearance)
  • Communication with just one customs administration in one language
  • Concentration of customs expert know-how in one place 
  • Savings through the elimination of NCTS
  • Maintenance of a single customs database in the supervising EU member state 
  • Audits through a single customs administration
  • Increased compliance
  • Improved risk-management


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