German automotive manufacturer introduces MIC’s origin calculation system in South Africa & orders customs filing solution for Mexico

News | Origin Calculation 22 August 2017

Already in 2016 we could report that manufacturing companies can make use of beneficial treatment in the form of applying preferential duty rates on complete built-up units (CBUs) when it comes to imports from South Africa into the EU. This is based on Agreement on Trade, Development and Cooperation between the European Community and the Republic of South Africa. An essential prerequisite for this is a legally compliant and audit proofed process of preferential calculation.

MIC's software solution for origin calculation (MIC OCS) is the tool that enables the necessary transparent and compliant processes and ensures that our customers benefit from the offered savings potential of the 400+ ratified agreements worldwide.

Besides the long-term experience of MIC in South Africa, this was the decisive factor for the BMW Group in August 2016 to introduce MIC OCS for the management of the EU-ZA free trade agreement. The implementation for BMW South Africa is proceeding according to plan and the preference calculation will be put into operation in the middle of September 2017.

The BMW Group also decided to introduce MIC solutions in Mexico. In addition to MIC's OCS module for preferences, other modules such as MIC CCSMIC-CUST® or MIC ECM will be implemented.

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