First Go-live at a British supplier of luxury fashion with MIC CCS in the UK and Italy

News | Export Controls | Central Classification 26 April 2019

It is not yet too late, better prepare for Brexit – exactly as a worldwide operating British supplier of luxury fashion did!

The go-live of MIC’s software module for central classification (MIC CCS) took place in March 2019. With this MIC successfully finished the first phase of the project with the British luxury fashion company.

As the company is performing over the whole world, an efficient management of customs and trade compliance is of high importance for them. Thus, MIC’s goal is to facilitate and enhance trade compliance processes for it.

Regarding a possible Brexit scenario, it is crucial for the British supplier of luxury fashion to be optimally prepared for efficiently handling changes in cross border movements of goods. Therefore, MIC implemented a software solution for correct customs tariff and export control classification in the UK and Italy. MIC CCS enables a central and standardized product classification for the whole company which simplifies and speeds up customs processes. Moreover, MIC’s module provides a solution for the determination, assignment and validation of customs tariffs and export control classifications based on intelligent algorithms according to different national requirements. MIC’s user-friendly software solution ensures next to saving potentials in terms of costs and time also improvements in the classification process.

In a next step it is planned to roll-out MIC-CUST® for an efficient import and export customs clearance process as well as MIC OCS for an optimized free trade agreement management at this customer.

About MIC:

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