Icegate Software - Customs Filing software solution for India via Icegate


While the import and export management functions of MIC-CUST® are standardized to a high degree, customs authority systems of the various countries demand country-specific electronic filing formats and are therefore different from country to country. MIC aims to provide standardized customs software solutions together with the country-specific customs filing requirements for the country of customs declaration.

MIC-CUST® for India enables the communication with the Indian customs authority system "Icegate" via direct electronic data exchange. The software module supports the import and export clearance processes in India combined with an established inventory module, license management and standard processes for the Indian market - simply communicating with Icegate.

MIC’s customs software solutions for India allow your company not only a more efficient and transparent processing of customs declarations but also to save time and money.

MIC’s customs solutions for India - Communicating with Icegate

MIC-CUST® for the Indian market supports direct electronic filing of customs declarations to the Indian customs authority system “Icegate” for the following import and export customs procedures:

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