Customs Clearance Software Solution for Hungary – CDPS Import & Export, ARUREG & NCTS


National customs authority systems have special requirements referring to customs filing processes and electronic filing formats. However, MIC aims to provide standardized Customs & Trade Compliance Software Solutions adaptable to country-specific customs filing requirements for the country of customs declaration.

With MIC-CUST® for Hungary, we are offering a standardized customs process management together with the country-specific customs filing components to support the direct electronic data exchange for customs clearance in Hungary.

Take advantage of MIC's software solutions for Hungary, as they do not only ensure high cost and time savings, but also enable being up-to-date with the Hungarian customs requirements for the communication with CDPS (Customs Declarations Processing System), ARUREG (local transit system) and NCTS.

MIC’s customs clearance solutions for the Hungarian CDPS Import procedure

The MIC-CUST® Import solution for Hungary supports EDI communication of customs declarations with the CDPS system for the following import processes:

  • Normal procedure/Standard declaration (declaration type A)
  • Local clearance notifications (“EBEJ” declarations) for reporting the arrival of goods which are declared by “Entry into records” procedure
  • Supplementary declaration subsequent “Entry into records” procedure (declaration type Z)
  • Consolidated monthly declarations (declaration type Z)

The procedure is a single-stage process und supports the following EDI messages:

  • EV for normal/standard declaration
  • EV for local clearance notifications (“EBEJ” declaration)
  • EV for supplementary declarations

MIC’s customs clearance solutions for the Hungarian CDPS Export procedure

The MIC-CUST® Export module for Hungary supports EDI communication of customs declarations with the CDPS system for the following export processes:

  • Normal procedure (declaration A)
  • “Entry into records” procedure (declaration type Z)

The procedure is a one-stage process and supports EDI messages for the first step (declaration - release of goods) are:

  • EV declaration

MIC’s solution for the local transit procedure ARUREG & NCTS

The ARUREG system/processes are used for the following purposes:

  • Declaration/notification of moving goods under customs supervision to an authorized goods location, if no other transit procedure (like NCTS) can be used, e.g. in case of transport via railways.
  • Splitting or consolidating shipments which have been declared to NCTS or ARUREG. These steps are necessary whenever a NCTS/ARUREG declaration covers goods which are subject to several import declarations or if an import declaration covers goods of several NCTS/ARUREG declarations. There is technical restriction to CDPS Import, so that always only one reference number (MRN) of a previous transit procedure can be assigned to one import declaration.

The MIC-CUST® Hungary module supports EDI communication of declarations with the ARUREG system for initial declarations, splitting and consolidation declarations. Furthermore, MIC-CUST® NCTS for the Electronic Transit System (ETS) facilitates the electronic handling of the entire shipping process.

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