Customs and Trade Compliance Software Solution for Thailand


MIC provides professional customs clearance and trade compliance software solutions to facilitate trade and ensure compliance to the legal framework in Thailand. Since requirements of customs authorities differ from one country to another, MIC offers country-specific solutions for the Thai market and supports the below listed import and export clearance processes in combination with an established free zone. MIC's software solution MIC-CUST® supports the customs clearance with the Thai customs administration's system via broker interface.

MIC’s customs clearance software solutions for Thailand

MIC’s software module MIC-CUST® Thailand supports electronic filing (via e-mail) of customs declarations to the broker system for the following Thai free zone related processes:

  • Local Inbound
  • Overseas Import
  • Domestic Sales
  • Overseas Export
  • Consignment / Bailment
  • Scrap
  • Transfer to/from BWH, Domestic Sales and Export from BWH
  • Transfer to/from another Thai Free Zone

We are also offering several Thailand specific Excise and DLT (Department of Land Transportation) reports.

MIC’s trade compliance software solutions for Thailand

MIC OCS (Origin Calculation System), MIC’s software solution for an efficient management of free trade agreements (FTAs) and an optimized calculation of the origin of goods, supports the following processes in Thailand:

  • Free Zone Local Content Calculation
  • Supporting ASEAN FTAs with other countries such as ATIGA, ACFTA, AIFTA, AANZFTA, AKFTA, etc.
  • Thailand FTAs such as JTEPA, TAFTA, TIFTA, etc.
  • GSP

In addition, MIC supports export control management regarding several regulations on the Thai market:

  • Dual Use Items (DUI)
  • Military Goods, Trade Control on Weapons of Mass Destruction (TCWMD)
  • License Management
  • Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)

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