Successful Go-Live of MIC’s Origin Calculation System in Thailand for a German automotive manufacturer

Origin Calculation 2 April 2019

MIC OCS goes Thailand!

After the implementation of MIC’s Origin Calculation System (OCS) in South Africa, the BMW Group is now live with OCS in Thailand. The first BMW car & motorcycle have been successfully calculated with MIC’s origin calculation module this February.

The following module and sub-modules have been implemented at the BMW Group for the Asian market:

  • MIC OCS: MIC’s Origin Calculation System is the perfect tool for an optimized free trade agreement (FTA) management. MIC implemented several FTAs such as ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement (ATIGA), ASEAN – CHINA (ACFTA), ASEAN – INDIA (AIFTA) and the Thailand Freezone.
  • MIC OCS SCS: The supplier solicitation module supports the solicitation of supplier declaration documents for the selected FTAs (ATIGA, ACFTA, AIFTA and Thailand Freezone). This sub-module allows an automated solicitation via a supplier web portal (OCS WEB) which enables the supplier to provide necessary information related to their goods to the BMW Group.
  • MIC OCS CALC: Besides the solicitation tool, also MIC OCS CALC for an efficient origin calculation of goods has been implemented at BMW Thailand. The sub-module helps the BMW Group to calculate whether the bill of material complies with the rules of origin (RoO) for the chosen FTAs. Furthermore, MIC’s professionals also managed to integrate a local content calculation process that is required in the Asian market.

While MIC’s supplier solicitation tool (SCS) is live at BMW Thailand since January 2019, the solution for an efficient origin calculation (CALC) started operating in February 2019. MIC’s Origin Calculation System allows the BMW Group to enjoy the benefits offered by the implemented FTAs, such as enhanced trade as well as potential duty savings, and additionally helps the company to improve their competitive position. MIC OCS is available on the market for almost 20 years, it supports more than 100 FTAs globally and is in use at well-known multinational companies.

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