Sonatrach relies on MIC‘s solution for the Excise Movement and Control System in Italy

Press Releases 5 November 2018

MIC is pleased to welcome Sonatrach, a globally leading oil consortium, as a new customer.

Sonatrach is an Algerian government-owned company formed to explore the hydrocarbon resources of the country. It has some concessions in Libya, Mauritania, Peru, Yemen and Venezuela. Its diversified activities cover all aspects of production: exploration, extraction, transport, and refining. It has diversified into petrochemistry and the desalination of seawater. Sonatrach is the largest Algerian and African company and the 11th largest oil consortium in the world.

The contract signed provides for the introduction of the following MIC solutions at Sonatrach Italy:

  • MIC EMCS: MIC’s EU-wide software solution for the Excise Movement and Control System - MIC EMCS - allows in this case the direct electronic data exchange with the Italian authority system as well as the monitoring of the transport of the goods subject to excise tax under tax suspension within the community. It accelerates the transit process, delivers a secure proof that the goods have arrived at their destination and avoids several error sources due to interface integration with existing systems.

The scope of the project itself is the setup of EMCS Consignee and Consignor for the refinery of Augusta as well as the terminals Augusta depot, Palermo and Napoli in Italy as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

MIC is looking forward to a successful cooperation with Sonatrach!

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