MIC’s 1st Focus Group for the Benelux & France turned out to be a full success

Globales Zollmanagement | News | Gestion de Dédouanement | Actualités | Customs Filing | News 7 March 2016

MIC Customs Solutions is happy to report that its 1st Focus Group for the Benelux & France has been a full success!

High-Level delegates of world brand companies like Audi, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Volvo, NXP Semiconductors, Philips, Nike, Sabic or Chemours, just to name some of them, attended. They took the opportunity to discuss and network with key government officials from DG TAXUD and BE customs authorities as well as customs experts from Benelux and France not only to understand the benefits and challenges related to Centralised Clearance but also to get the latest update on it.

The key topics "SASP and Centralised Clearance within the Belgian Customs Administrations' strategic plan, actual status for SASP authorisations and work in progress for future Centralised Clearance within the UCC", "Will the UCC bring some noteworthy developments to Centralised Clearance" and "Cultural and structural challenges, pros and cons of a Centralised Clearance" have not only led to lively discussions during the round tables but also afterwards during the very welcome drinks reception.

Based on the success of MIC's 1st Focus Group for the Benelux & France, MIC Customs Solutions is more than happy to announce, that the planning for the 2nd Focus Group for the Benelux & France has already started, which will take place in Q4 of 2016! Details on this upcoming event will follow soon.

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