MIC supports Zalando to improve Customs and Trade Compliance processes

News | Export Controls | Central Classification | Customs Filing 14 February 2020

Innovative and forward-thinking – MIC’s Customs and Trade Compliance Software Solutions will be implemented at Zalando, Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle.

From now on MIC’s Customs and Trade Compliance Solutions support Zalando with processing of deliveries to customers in 17 markets according to the continuously changing customs & trade compliance regulations. Thus, MIC’s future ready technology will help Zalando to manage the double digit annual volume growth. By processing approximately 1.5 million export line items per day in one single country the MIC software proofs being a great solution for big e-commerce-players such as Zalando.

„In order to ensure capacity in time and to improve our service offering for the increasing customer demands, we continuously invest in our European fulfillment network and strong technology. With MIC we are able to manage the fast changing customs and trade compliance regulations in Europe.”, says Georg Knopf, Global Head of Customs & International Trade at Zalando.

MIC will provide the following software modules for Zalando:

  • MIC-CUST® Import & Export + NCTS for DE & CH & NO: MIC’s customs filing solution enables Zalando to automatically create import and export declarations as well as to calculate duties and taxes (MIC-CUST® Import & Export). Additionally, the software allows for a direct data exchange with electronic customs declaration systems of national customs authorities. Moreover, the installation of MIC NCTS facilitates the management of the entire electronic transit process. This means that the company does not only benefit from time savings through the electronic handling of the entire shipping process, but also from a decreased financial burden.
  • MIC-CUST® GTDC: MIC's Global Trade Data Chain (MIC-CUST® GTDC) software enables the automatic preparation of import customs declarations for the destination market through data conversion of the related export customs declarations. This can be achieved with a single electronic data transfer of export data from Zalando‘s ERP system to MIC-CUST®.
  • MIC CCS | CTC for DE & CH & NO: MIC‘s Central Classification System (CCS) increases the automation level in determining  correct customs tariff classifications for products through intelligent algorithms. The module stores, classifies and validates products according to national customs tariffs lists. Furthermore, customs tariff content for each country will be regularly and automatically updated in MIC CCS through MICs Global Trade Content Service (GTCS).
  • MIC DPS: The denied party screening software enables screening against sanctions lists based on a configurable screening algorithm and configurable screening profiles. Besides that, MIC DPS allows screening against black lists, white lists, and positive lists and additionally enables the determination of stop words as well as keywords. The software solution reviews Zalando’s dataset and sends an email notification in case of a match with data from the sanctions list.

We are looking forward to a successful long-term partnership with Zalando!

About MIC:

MIC is the world leader in providing global customs and trade compliance software solutions. The MIC group currently employs close to 400 professionals around the world. More than 700 international customers rely on MIC software products for their global customs and trade compliance management solutions.

For more information about MIC and how we could help your operations, please contact us via [email protected].