MIC is the leading supplier of Global Trade Compliance (GTC) solutions for the automotive industry

Press Releases | Central Classification | Customs Filing | Origin Calculation 31 January 2019

The Global Trade Compliance Systems market study published by ARC Advisory Group in January 2019 proves that MIC remains the number one supplier of Global Trade Compliance software solutions for the automotive industry.

While previous studies already showed that MIC enjoyed the highest market share in the automotive sector, the study reveals that MIC is once again number one supplier for the automotive industry with a global market share of 40.3% in 2018.

MIC’s broad range of software solutions as well as its coverage of 50+ countries on 6 continents allowed for a considerable expansion of its customer base in this industry. Besides vehicle OEMs also many tier one suppliers have adopted the software and are benefitting from MIC's coverage and experience

The most popular MIC software solutions in the automotive industry are the following:

  • MIC-CUST®: MIC's Customs Filing software solution for Global Customs Management enables the creation of automatic electronic import and export declarations for more than 50 countries on 6 continents based on one single technical platform connected to a large number of national customs authority systems for electronic data exchange.
  • MIC CCS: MIC’s Central Classification System allows companies to increase the level of automation for customs tarif and export control classification processes according to national customs tariffs and export control commodity lists.
  • MIC OCS: MIC’s Origin Calculation System provides the necessary tools for an optimized free trade agreement management incl. automated origin calculation as well as supplier solicitation.

About MIC:

MIC is the world leader in providing global customs and trade compliance software solutions. The MIC group currently employs over 330 professionals around the world. More than 700 international customers rely on MIC software products for their global customs and trade compliance management solutions.

For more information about MIC and how we could help you, please contact us via [email protected].