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News | MIC Products 29 October 2021

MIC and Zalando have jointly improved the powerful MIC Dashboard for visualizing impactful data and enabling company-wide collaboration.

Together with Zalando, Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, MIC has enhanced the standard functionality within the MIC application. The goal of the joint collaboration was to make use of Zalando’s experience in order to expand the standard tool to harness data company-wide and to gain and share insights across the organization. A dashboard that functions as a monitoring tool was on top of the agenda for Zalando.

With the intention in mind to meet the needs and requirements of customers, Zalando conducted a needs analysis with stakeholders to gain deeper insights. Based on the stakeholder’s experience, MIC experts further developed the dashboard and integrated certain features into the new standard function. The advanced MIC Dashboard now aims to visualize important customs-related information and to capture meaningful insights.

Boost company performance with the new MIC Dashboard

The enhanced MIC Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of customs relevant information and makes it easy to visualize data. All parameters as well as the individual tiles of the dashboard for visualization are predefined. Through the integration of the new standard functionality into the MIC application, Zalando is enabled to, for instance, check the status of import and export shipments, invoices, declarations, NCTS arrival and departure, inventory management and more in an easy and visualized way through fancy charts.

But the MIC application can do much more: It knows public and private dashboards. This allows users to easily create their own visual dashboard by arranging the individual tiles as required. Additionally, there is also the possibility to share a created dashboard with others. And that’s exactly why companies can benefit from the state-of-the-art function. It facilitates company-wide collaboration, serves as an optimal monitoring tool for global customs process and ensures more transparency.

With the integrated MIC Dashboard, Zalando is now able to visualize customs specific data to get instant clarity about its import and export processes. It allows Zalando to gain access to data visualization, to obtain new insights faster and to improve their customs processes globally. In addition, due to the increased level of automation of Zalando’s export and monitoring processes, the company saves 35 hours of work per day. Through the integration of the MIC Dashboard into the MIC modules, businesses are enabled to meet compliance requirements, mitigate risks, and obtain long-term competitive advantage.

Additional features like real-time access to data, paving the way to enhanced problem identification and faster decision making, can be offered on demand through the MIC Data Analytics & Visualization solution. The MIC Data Analytics solution provides the ability to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) a huge amount of data for data analytics purposes from MIC modules and also external sources (customs authorities, customs brokers, customer ERP systems or any other source). The transformation and enrichment of data with (tariff) content for analytics across countries/regions should not be underestimated and is covered by the MIC solution as well. Further it comes with a RESTful API that allows the customer to integrate the data into their own ERP system, BI tool or reporting tool. The embedded Apache Superset BI tool offers users the opportunity to perform analytics and data visualization on the available datasets. A very intuitive user interface allows individual adjustments by the end-users.

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