MIC-CUST® Track & Trace: Roll-out at Siemens in Portugal and Mozambique

News | Customs Filing 1 July 2019

MIC’s customs and trade compliance software solutions have proven its efficiency. Once again, Siemens decided to go for the sub-module MIC-CUST® Track & Trace to facilitate international trade.

Siemens can look back on 170 successful years in business. The highly innovative company turned from a ten-men operation to a globally operating corporation with 377.000 employees worldwide. Siemens is one of the largest suppliers of energy-efficient and sustainable technologies and a major supplier of energy systems and medical equipment. Furthermore, the company puts its focus on the development of advanced solutions for infrastructure and industry.

Siemens already implemented MIC’s sub-module Track & Trace in diverse countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This February, the next project with the company started and included the roll-out of MIC’s software solution in Portugal and Mozambique which went live this April:

  • MIC-CUST® Track & Trace: Track & Trace enables Siemens to get an overview and the status of current imports and exports to be processed. To be more precise, this means that it is possible to see which imports and exports are currently in progress. Furthermore, MIC-CUST® Track & Trace includes a feature that allows Siemens to check the duration of the broker’s import and export processes. For instance, it facilitates the tracking of the exact dates when the data has been transferred to the broker or the customs authority.

In the next step, it is planned to implement MIC-CUST® Track & Trace at Siemens in Colombia. MIC is looking forward to a continued long-term partnership with Siemens.

About MIC:

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