MIC-CUST® - Extension by Track & Trace in Pakistan

News | Customs Filing 25 June 2018

MIC’s MIC-CUST® software offers you a uniform customs solution on a single technical platform - for more than 50 countries. This not only enables you to automate electronic import and export customs clearance processes, including special customs procedures and inventory management, but also allows for trouble-free electronic transfer of data to third parties such as e.g. brokers.

MIC-CUST® has now leveraged this functionality of electronic forwarding of data to third parties for its Track & Trace submodule in Pakistan. With the aid of MIC-CUST® Track & Trace, shipment tracking at BOM level including real-time BOM resolution is possible (e.g. for tracking relevant goods from import to re-export of the manufactured product). The electronic connection of the broker to MIC-CUST® Track & Trace means that the declarant always has up-to-date information on the general status or the duration of the declaration with the broker.

MIC-CUST® Track & Trace is to be used in Pakistan as early as the end of June this year.


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